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Face Recognition Using Low-Computational Features

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Requirements: Matlab, Matlab Image Processing Toolbox.

Most face recognition systems tend to use either global image features, which describe an image as a whole, or local features, which represent image patches. Global features have the ability to generalize an entire object with a single vector. Consequently, their use in standard classification techniques is straightforward. Local features, on the other hand, are computed at multiple points in the image and are consequently more robust to occlusion and clutter. However, they may require specialized classification algorithms to handle cases in which there are a variable number of feature vectors per image. We have developed a new face recognition approach that combines both global and local features: this fast feature extraction method results extremally suitable for low computational power microprocessors.

The code has been tested with AT&T database achieving an excellent recognition rate of 97.84% (40 classes, 5 training images and 5 test images for each class, hence there are 200 training images and 200 test images in total randomly selected and no overlap exists between the training and test images).

Index Terms: Matlab, source, code, face, recognition, matching, global, local, features, feature, dimensionality, reduction.

Release 1.0 Date 2009.03.28
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