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Face recognition

Face Recognition Based on PCA

DCT-ANN Face Identification

Wavelet-ANN Face Recognition

Face Recognition Based on Polar Frequency Features

Face Recognition Based on FisherFaces

Face Recognition Based on Local Features

Face Recognition in Fourier Space

WebCam Face Identification

Face Recognition Based on Overlapping DCT

Face Recognition Based on Statistical Moments

Face Recognition Based on Nonlinear PCA

Face Recognition Based on Hierarchical Dimensionality Reduction

Fusion of Low-Computational Global and Local Features For Face Recognition

SVD-Based Face Recognition

Correlation Filters Face Verification

ICA Face Recognition

3D Face Recognition

Infrared Face Recognition

Octave Face Recognition

PHP Face Recognition

JAVA Face Recognition

LBP Face Recognition System

HMM Face Recognition System

NMF Face Recognition System

Face matching

Face Identification Based on CPD

GA MACE Face Verification

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Eigenfaces for Recognition

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Requirements: Matlab, Matlab Image Processing Toolbox.

Research on automatic face recognition in images has rapidly developed into several inter-related lines, and this research has both lead to and been driven by a disparate and expanding set of commercial applications. The large number of research activities is evident in the growing number of scientific communications published on subjects related to face processing and recognition.

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Release 1.0 Date 2005.05.15
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