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Biometric Authentication with PHP

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Requirements: PHP.

We have developed a server side face verification module based entirely on PHP language. Algorithm is estremely robust to expression variations and different lighting conditions. The performances of the proposed algorithm are evaluated using Facial Expression Database collected at the Advanced Multimedia Processing Lab at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Database consists of 13 subjects, each with 75 images. On this image dataset with the proposed algorithm we have achieved an EER equal to 3.07%.

Index Terms: PHP, source, code, face, recognition, verification, identification, system.

Release 1.0 Date 2012.04.05
Major features:
  • One-to-one (1:1) face verification
  • Fast and optimized implementation
  • High recognition rate
  • Fast and optimized implementation
  • Command-line functions
  • PHP language
  • On-line demo code available for performance evaluation

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